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Software Engineering

Summary of Technical Expertise:

  • Open Source Linux Server Development
  • MVC/Monolith Full Stack Development
  • Cloud Agnostic Deployment: AWS, Azure, VPS, Colocation, On-Prem
  • API Design, Documentation and Development
  • Proficiency in dozens of common programming languages
  • Expertise with relational database development
  • Solo Developer for mid to large scale codebases
  • Working Software Engineering Manager for mid-size in-house and remote software development teams
  • Writer of robust, tight, performant, documented code, services, and infrastructure configuration
  • Expertise with secure systems engineering, DevOps, CI, Agile Methodology, Test-Driven Development

Defensive Investigations

Recent (2015-2023) partial list of defensive operation scenarios against rogue security, government employees, and criminals:

  • Petty theft (LF@WBB)
  • Threat of violence (LF@WBB)
  • Stalking/Harassment (EKG[KM/OCC] -> P/G)
  • Petty theft (EH@ASA)
  • Hacking (EH@ASA/SK -> FBC)
  • Stalking (EH@ASA/SK -> FBC)
  • Targeting with SIGINT (EH@ASA/SK -> FBC)
  • Insider Threat (EH@ASA)
  • Grand Theft (YK)
  • Perjury (YK)
  • Colonoscopy Threat (JY -> NJSP)
  • Conspired Murder Threat (EH@ASA/RH on behalf of DaH)
  • Harassment via SIGINT (SM)
  • Extortion (AS -> VK/JY)
  • Mafia / Crime Activity (EH@ASA/SK/JJ/...)
  • Witness Tampering (Blackmail) ["K" -> JJ/EH@ASA {PT}]
  • Conspired Perjury (JY -> YK)
  • Official Misconduct (VK)
  • Ignored Conflict of Interest (ML)
  • Coverup (VK,JY)
  • False police report (EH@ASA)
  • Hacking (___OPERATION MELE___)
  • Stalking (___OPERATION MELE___)
  • Targeting with SIGINT (___OPERATION MELE___)
  • Theft and Tax Fraud (SK@StateDept, under Daniel Inouye)
  • Psychological Operations (abusing trauma events: death in family, suicide of family friend) (Google/Alphabet) cc: JusticeDept
  • (redacted) reported to (redacted) (EB@N)
  • Redux R/S celebrate (R)
  • Response to public disclosure:
  • Assault (DBM[NSB])
  • Defamation (DBM[NSB])
  • Public corruption (DBM[NSB] -> HPD)
  • Discrediting/Sabotage operation, backed by Trillion Dollar Corporation (undisclosed matchmaker program HZ->MZ(VIP handler)) (Google/Alphabet) cc: JusticeDept
  • (redacted) Kindle (a.k.a. [R]K a.k.a. M,J):
  • Assault ([R]K)
  • Harassment with Vehicles, incl'g life-threatening incidents ([R]K)
  • Perjury (Class C Felony) ([R]K)
  • Defamation ([R]K)
  • Official misconduct, two incidents total:
  • 1/2: Aiding and Abetting Class C Felony (WL)
  • 2/2: Obstruction of Justice (WL)
  • DDDADDD (redacted) Kindle, others (7 total):
  • 1/7: Deny ([R]K)
  • 2/7: Deflect ([R]K)
  • 3/7: Discredit ([R]K)
  • 4/7: Accuse ([R]K)
  • 5/7: Diagnose ([R]K)
  • 6/7: Defame ([R]K)
  • 7/7: Destroy ([R]K)
  • Defamation (libel) by employee of HPD (TG)
  • Defamation (false accusation in public) by employee of (redacted) (LD)
  • Widespread defamation spread online about me, including in the Haleiwa community (et al)
  • Hate Crime (DBM[NSB]) (6 total):
  • 1/6: Ongoing threats of violence (DBM[NSB])
  • 2/6: Ogoing threats of corruption (DBM[NSB])
  • 3/6: Racial epiteth (DBM[NSB])
  • 4/6: Defamation (DBM[NSB])
  • 5/6: Fabricated accusations (DBM[NSB])
  • 6/6: Ongoing harassment from vehicle, latest incident 2023-04-13 1800 HST next to USPS Haleiwa (DBM[NSB])
  • Harassment and Defamation, after avoiding an injunction and covering up violence ([R]K)
  • Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer (HRS 710-1016.7) after avoiding an injunction and covering up violence ([R]K)

Security Consultation and Investigations

Specializing in:

  • Insider Threat Investigations
  • Public Corruption Investigations
  • Disruption/Overt Operations
  • Physical Security Investigations
  • Magnet Targeting Operations
  • Cybersecurity Threat Analysis
  • Human Source Compromise Detection

Active Operations (as of April 5, 2023)

Partial List of Active Operations:

  • OPERATION CHIN YOU IN (corruption)
  • OPERATION HONKY TONK (corruption)
  • OPERATION ALTRUISTIC MCCARTHYISM (behavior control psyops)
  • OPERATION BRANDY WINE (insider threat)
  • OPERATION LOO (corruption)
  • OPERATION GEVIL DATA (data abuse, psyops)
  • OPERATION SURFERS SHOULDERS (cybersecurity research)
  • OPERATION HOWIEEEE'S TURTLE (govt abuse investigation)
  • OPERATION BUBBA LOVE (live readiness test)
  • OPERATION YASE RO (govt weight loss psyop)
  • OPERATION PARADOX ALOHA (govt corruption investigative deadlock)
  • OPERATION YOU HALL IN MONITOR (social experiment)
  • OPERATION ISOLATED MEMETIC DECRYPTION (social isomorphism experiment)
  • (redacted)

Completed / Terminated Operations

Partial List of Completed / Terminated Operations:

  • OPERATION ASA SIN (insider threat)
  • OPERATION MINDMATCH (Big Tech counterintelligence)
  • (contact for others)
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